Welcome To The Dragonpatch


Welcome to the new homepage of Dragonpatch Cardigans. Owned by David and Deborah Anthony of Girard, Pennsylvania, Dragonpatch Kennels, which is registered with the AKC,  has been showing and breeding Cardigan Welsh Corgis for over three decades. Both David and Deborah are approved AKC dog show judges of all herding breeds. Best in Show, and Junior Showmanship. We invite you to check out the website and learn more about the wonderful breed that David and Deborah have dedicated their lives to. Our motto is “Dragonpatch Cardigans, ROCK ON ALL FOURS”

Deb and the Kids

Deborah and the kids on a beautiful fall day in Cumberland Maryland

Yes the Dragonpatch does have its very own DRAGON!!!!!!!!

Yes the Dragonpatch does have its very own DRAGON!!!!!!!!

Mirror image

Mirror image

Now take a close look at this photo. One might be inclined to think that a pup is lying in front of a mirror, but in reality, it is two different pups. Mei Mei and Pooka are almost twins, but the white around the eye is on different sides of the face. This is just and incredible illusion for us to enjoy. These kids get the very best care one could ever ask for.

Puppies Off to Their New Homes

Yes, after more than three years we were blessed with a gorgeous litter of eight puppies. The doting mother is Ch Dragonpatch The Powers That Be, or Sparky as we love to call her, and the proud papa is the ever so handsome Ch XIV Karat Playing It Cool at Aubrey or Miles as he is known.

In this litter were to mismarks that have white surrounding the eye.  Both of these beautiful girls will living at the Violet Barn,    https://www.violetbarn.com.   Just the thought of seeing these two awesome kids greeting visitors brings joy to our hearts. Check out the Violet Barn and stop in to see the kids. Check out this GREAT photo of the kids and their new parents Ralph and Olive. Mei Mei on the left and Pooka on the right. JUST ADORABLE

Pooka & Mei Mei

The remaining pups will all be going to show homes, well one is and the other four will be staying at the Patch.  We have VERY high hopes for these kids. We hope to set the show world on fire with these Dragonpatch super stars.

The last little girl who in is now affectionately referred to as Betsy and her brother George, both live in North Carolina with Brittany and Brenden. To be honest, how could you not love that face. She is smart as a whip an will be ruling the house in no time we are sure. Gotta love her.  I think she is saying in this picture, ” hey your looking at nothing but AWESOME here”




Just you wait and see.

Who is Happier?


Here is Elaine and Jake. This photo captures what owning a Dragonpatch dog is all about. Unconditional love from everyone.

Cardigan National Specialty 2016


Boomer winning third in the Veterans Class with best buddy Philip on the lead


Well we loaded up the big rig and all the kids and drove 12 hours to Purina Farms in Missouri in mid May. After dodging a Tornado we settled down to business at hand. Deborah is newly elected on the Board of the National Club and David is helping with the Judges Education Committee. We got to see lots of old friends, but more importantly we got to see many great dogs. The quality is amazing and it makes you think about your own stock and the future of your breedings. Several Dragonpatch kids made it to the ribbons, like Boomer and Cracker. We are always proud of our kids as they represent our love of the breed. We didn’t come home with any really big wins, but we did learn a lot and hopefully we can apply those lessons and make the Dragonpatch a top competitor in the future. This summer we hope to see new kids to carry on the tradition.