Simon, the King of the Dragonpatch Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Dragonpatch Cardigans has enjoyed reasonable success throughout the nearly 30 years we have been breeding and showing Cardigans. It was about eight years ago in 2004 when we were at a show in the state of Michigan that the Rev. Patrick Ormos, a well known Cardigan breeder, wandered over to speak to us at our RV set up. It was cordial, but the conversation turned quickly to a life changing event for us. For as long as we had been in the breed we hadn’t really achieve the success we had wanted to. We had a wonderful female special early on in our career, but it seemed we were just finishing a dog here and there and not really being as competitive as we wanted to be. He mention an outstanding stud dog that lived in Holland and was available for placement. After discussing those traits that we found admirable in the breed, it seemed this boy could be what we were looking for. We had been very displeased with American dogs at that time, so under the expert guidance and new found friendship of Phil Bitter of Floatin Cardigans in Holland, we ventured on to make our own little bit of history. Phil had imported this handsome boy to the Netherlands from New Zealand and had good success with him, but it was time for him to go the next step and come to America.

Within a few days of the initial conversation we were making arrangements for this big brindle fella to come to the USA. Simon, aka  CH Copperleaf Burnt Spice was born in New Zealand with all credit going to the diligent efforts of a long time breeder and well respected Cardigan enthusiast Joy Hickey Small. Joy’s participation in the New Zealand Cardigan world was well known and she had reached a milestone of more than 40 years in the breed. The detailed knowledge and her commitment to the breed is something we can only hope to achieve ourselves. Proudly we can boast that Simon is only one of a select few Cardigans to be a Champion in three different continents, an amazing accomplishment in it self in our opinion. But the real testament to his legacy is the multiple champions this handsome boy has sired in all of those continents. A quick trip to the computer and typing in his name will bring about offspring in a multitude of foreign countries, not just pets with lovely bone, but champions and quality show dogs around the world.

His ability to pass on this length, topline, proud head and best of all that lovely bone, caught the eye of more than one knowledgeable breeder. Of course he wasn’t been without controversy. Rumor had it he had medical problems and a poor heart and his offspring would have that too. This was one of the reasons Phil Bitter decided to part with him. Europe just wasn’t ready to recognize his virtues, but choose in stead to dwell on rumors.  Well, that turned out to be HOG WASH. But all great dogs are susceptible to rumors and fits of jealousy by others. It just the nature of the game. His heart was as big and sweet as could be and never was a problem.

Some of his many accomplishments in the USA, stems around the breeding to CH. Copperleaf Rose of Sharon. The first litter of four produced three Champions. One went on to Holland and won BOB at the world dog show three years in a row. A record that surely won’t be broken any time soon. A daughter went on to win BOB at the renowed Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of the Western Reserve specialty and later became a top ranked special. A repeat of that same exact breeding produced two more champions and another CWCCWR specialty winner and multi-year AKC ranked special. The only siblings to win the CWCCWR speciality to date were Jolie and Boomer, both Simon children.

Simon is now 14 and is succumbed to prostate cancer. It is sad that this handsome boy who had hardly aged at all with very little grey, now must leave this earth of his most prized possession, Deborah. He tolerates David, but he adores Deb and has for many years. He rightfully earned the title of man of the house when it came to the canine family. Kids would give dad or grandpa a wide path and never took chances with him. The Dragonpatch owes much to this fine dog and he will forever live on as the  LOGO for our kennel: Simon is surrounded by a Dragon, ever faithful, ever vigilant and looking  just as proud as he did on the day he passed. Simon will not soon be forgotten. Simon you handsome boy, may the Rainbow Bridge be lined with treats and pretty Cardi girls to make you smile on the other side.

With Deep Sadness
Thank you for allowing us this small tribute to a fine Cardigan.

Dragonpatch Cardigans.

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