Jake’s first herding experience. OMG is this cool!!!!!!

Oh My,

After over a year of bugging our trainer we finally had the opportunity to try a little herding with Mr Jake.It was sort of a ‘off the wall’ chic day since is was Kathi (trainer) with her BC, Miranda with a German Shepard and Me with lil guy All the way out Kathi was warning me that he might see sheep and ‘shut down’. Here is a video of our adventure! As per normal there are typo’s but will try to fix them next round after I figure out how to do a few other things with movie maker – this was my first attempt

I did try to trim it unsuccessfully but I think you can ZOOM ahead! its 2 of the 3 sessions. We did a round robin with the dogs. Not bragging but Mr Jake was the most natural, BC did very well also and the German Shepard got better each round after a skid-dish start.

We were very entertained. I do scream city girl that has never been near a live sheep (cause i am). We were laughing since I looked like I had a broom to tidy the sheep dip up rather than shephard! The pesky were under foot all the time !

On one hand I think Bob was hoping it was a bust since Akron is kinda far and knows how I can get! On the other hand he wants to go with us NEXT TIME. I do need top go back since I left my sun glasses there ( a good excuse if i do say so myself)

The lady at WorknGSD was great and if you want to give this a whirl I highly recommend them. She was very impressed with our little Jake!

Jake looked so happy! Thanks NZ folks cause I think the working attitude comes your line!



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