The Three S’s tie the Knot

Wedding Sparky 3
Stacy, Sparky and Seth on the Big Day

On September 23, 2017, our son Seth married the love of his life Stacy. Of course what Dragonpatch family could be without a special pupper dog to love. Sparky is now the family brat and loved dearly by all. She was part of the wedding production and seemed to love the entire day. What a great day it was for her and her new MOM and POP.

Wedding Sparky 1
The Happy Couple
Wedding Sparky 2
Sparky adorning her own FEZ
Wedding Sparky 4
Dragonpatch Dad holding two of his favorite things. A little girl and Sparky

3 thoughts on “The Three S’s tie the Knot

  1. Warmest congratulations to you both from New Zealand. The bride and Sparky are gorgeous. Seth looks very handsome. 🙂

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