David & Deborah Judging Shilo Shepherds at Purina Farms in MO 2014
David & Deborah Judging Shilo Shepherds at Purina Farms in MO 2014

As you may know, David is an avid collector/historian of vintage cutlery. Many years ago,  were knife hunting at a flea market in North West PA., when a unique dog appeared through the crowd. As you might have guessed it was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Deb, having her roots as a farm girl and David with Welsh ancestry, it made sense that this breed seemed a perfect match. A couple of years passed when an advertisement in the Sunday paper mentioned Cardigans. Rare indeed, as we were never able to find any information on them at all before this. The internet wasn’t even known to the average person. As luck would have it a tri boy was available and we became the proud new owners of a Cardi. This was the beginning of our purebred canine ways.

As one person remarked to us, “this isn’t your hobby, it is your lifestyle.” We agree, almost everything we do has our dogs behind it. Our foundation bitch came from Trailwyn Kennel and our passion continued. We decided that a name was needed for our future kennel. After several attempts, Dave recalled a story of his childhood. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he wanted to be  “a Dragonpatch.” As you know the Welsh symbol is a dragon and a patch is something that grows so the name just seemed to fit. You can always find us at the shows. We fly the Welsh flag above our RV. We have been very lucky to have had success in the show ring, but just as important we have been very proud to have owners of Dragonpatch puppies that continue to be a part of our lives. Almost on a daily basis, we hear from owners all across America and now in Europe. We value their friendship and love of the breed.

Thanks for taking the time to look over our Cardigans. A special thanks to all the past, present, and hopefully future members of “The Patch”. Hug your dogs for us.



Gang on the Cart
Dragonpatch Gang enjoying the show on the official Dragonpatch Golf Cart.
cart sign
The warning sign on the back of the Official Cart
The backyard at the Patch. The kids play area.
When we were young beautiful and handsome. Our 25th Ann pic.