Champion Dragonpatch Dogs




Ch. Trailwyn Rhyl Nice Tri

The first Champion of the Dragonpatch was Bessie. This sweet tri-colored girl was the first female Cardigan we owned. Coming from the Trailwyn kennel of New York State. At the tender age of five, she won the heart of the judge and made us proud. She went on to produce other Champions who in turn produce Champions of their own. She was our foundation Bitch prior to switching to the New Zealand lines.

Ch. Dragonpatch Mystic Minstrel

Emmie is the first Superstar of the Dragonpatch. A multiple group winning bitch and was definitely a DIVA in every sense. She demanded attention and made more than one judge turn his head and look again. Once she literally stopped in the ring when no one applauded her during her turn. She only had one litter, but it produced champions as well.

Ch Dragonpatch Warrior Princess

Xena finished her Championship very easily. A tough little girl who lived up to her name. Looking at this photo of her at a ripe old age and still doing the Dragonpatch SIT, you wouldn’t think so. She produced Champions as well and retired from the show ring to live the life we all dream of with her adopted family. Who could resist those sweet eyes anyways?

Ch. Dragonpatch Excalibur

 Case was our first Bred By Exhibitor Champion at the Dragonpatch. A handsome boy who loved everyone that would pet him. He was even on TV in Buffalo, NY showing off the famous Dragonpatch Sit. He retired to CT with a loving family that adored him and his gentlemanly ways. He was the only boy to win the heart of the Diva Emmie. Together they produced champions from that one and only litter.

Ch. Dragonpatch Poetry In Motion

Sweet little Ellie a beautiful brindle girl, finished easily when showing. She loved to show and would carry on until her turn at the ring. She only had one litter but certainly carried forth her good qualities. She lived a good life and crossed the Bridge in 2014

Ch. Dragonpatch Black Magic

This beautiful girls name is Samantha. A true lady at all times and very loving and devoted to her owner. Content to watch the world go by and enjoy the simple comforts of life. She produced gorgeous offspring and truly is a Magical girl. Regretfully we lost our sweet Samantha in May of 2014.

Ch. Gwydion of Dragonpatch

Wyn is appropriately named. As most often was the case, he did WIN a lot at the shows. A handsome boy who just never grew up in his heart. Always an imp and never to busy to give you a good licking with his lighting fast tongue. He lived the luxury retired life with his adopted mom Carol and was the apple of her eye.

Boomer's retired as a special in Dec 2013, Multiple group winner and outstanding stud dog. This was his last win as a special.
Boomer’s retired as a special in Dec 2013, Multiple group winner and outstanding stud dog. This was his last win as a special.

Gold Level Grand Champion & BISS Dragonpatch Thunder from Down Under ROMb

They just don’t come any nicer than this gorgeous fella. Not only is he a top 10 Cardigan for two years running, but he also has looks and personality too. Boom Boom is an awesome show dog and has champion offspring to prove it. He is the happiest when he’s with his Momma Kathi of Rocky Ridge.

Regional 4
Papa Boomer with two of his Champion kids, Sparky and Cracker at the CWCCWR Regional Specialty

Ch. Dragonpatch Wish You Had Me

This black and white boy is lovingly owned by Kerrie Carter. He works him on herding when he isn’t applying kisses to his master. Dougal was one of the three out of four pups to become a Champion out of the first Milly/Simon Breeding. 

Winning Best of Breed under Breeder Judge Leah James
Winning Best of Breed under Breeder Judge Leah James

Grand Ch Dragonpatch Dark Wizard of Rocky Ridge

Ramsay is owned and Loved by John and Chris Wiecek. Taking Winners Dog at the Cardigan Regional and making papa Boomer and the happy boy too! Notice that gorgeous white-tipped ear!!!!! His best friend Philip of Rocky Ridge showing him off.

Ch. Dragonpatch Spiced Rum

Morgan was the first Cardigan owned and adored by Chris Z. She finished this handsome boy herself and was hooked on showing thereafter. Sold as a pet, but soon realized his show potential.  A wonderful boy.

Ch. Dragonpatch Jessa Brielle

The princess of the Dragonpatch, Jessa blossomed into a beautiful woman. At age two, she captured the eye of the judge and finished her championship in grand style. Finishing with a major win over 7 other bitches. Now she can focus on the most important things in her life like playing ball constantly!

Gr. Ch. Dragonpatch Thunderstruck

No doubt one of the next stars for the Dragonpatch. Cracker at the tender age of 13 months took his first Best of Breed with his owner LuAnn Kennedy. Co-owned by Kathi Myers and loved by all that meet him. A Boomer/Jolie son that loves everyone and particularly his Momma. Finished his Grand Championship before 18 months old. Watch for him in the specials ring.

Cracker and Christie up a tree, WINNING WOW!!!!!





New CH Aug 2013

Ch Dragonpatch Toireann Geneth

Tori finished in grand style. Less than six months after giving birth to a huge litter, this sweet girl took to major wins in a row at a large show in Canfield, OH to gain the much-deserved title of AKC Champion. Owned by Kathi Myers of Rocky Ridge Cardigans and part of her breeding program to continue on the winning ways of the Dragonpatch. She is the result of Jolie/Dutch breeding and the second Champion from that litter.

Simon would be proud of his grandson.
Simon would be proud of his grandson.

Ch Dragonpatch Stonecutter Ale (Schooner)

This boy is nothing but a big bundle of love and fun. Always ready for an adventure as long as it means we get to play. Finishing with three majors in only 12 total shows. He was only completely defeated in two events, otherwise obtaining at a minimum Reserve Winners Dog.

Mason Group one
Mason winning Owner-Handler Group 1 in Canfield OH 2013 Handled by Deborah and being ever watchful is Holly Huff,  Mason’s true love

Ch  Dragonpatch Illustrious Grand Master (Mason)

You would be hard pressed to find a better looking true Black and White male than our boy Mason. Four majors amounted to the bulk of his winnings to become a champion. Co-owned and adored by his best Momma Holy Huff in New Jersey. Her first show dog has her hook on the sport and we see great things for this handsome lad in the future. The secrets out on this fine boy and you will be seeing him in a specials ring soon.

Ch Dragonpatch Rocky Ridge Party Girl

Co-owned with Kathi Myers, this awesome little girl is distended to carry on the winning ways of the Dragonpatch. Just look at the substance on this girl. The result of Boomer and Tori, both Dragonpatch dogs. This brindle girl “Missy”, is full of life like her famous Papa and ready to set the show ring on fire. OK, now for the cute part, we nicknamed her “Riblet” due to her, well let’s say somewhat portly appearance at her tender age. Meet her once and you will fall in love with her.

At 6 Months old, David’s whispering in her ear. WESTMINSTER!!!!!

CH Dragonpatch KISMET (Kizzie)

Kizzie is as sweet as they come when to its time to play. Her favorite toy is the ball and she rolls it back and forth to you in order get you to play. When it comes to playing with her brothers and sisters she is all business. She isn’t afraid to kick her much larger brother’s butt and let them know who’s boss. Kizzie will be carrying on the future of the Dragonpatch as motherhood will be her next challenge. Hope her boyfriend likes a good looking girl with attitude cause that’s what Kizzie is all about!

Kizzie Champion
Finishing her Championship in only 12 shows. Kizzie was a pleasure to show and loved the whole show scene..

CH Dragonpatch Land Pirate (Cooper)

Cooper Championship Photo
Champion Dragonpatch Land Pirate

Although it took a little longer than expected to finish this handsome boy, it was no fault of his. He achieved his major wins at a very early age. We then turned our focus to his brother and sisters. Poor fella kinda got left out of the picture for a while. But once his coat came back into condition he was winners dog in his last 6 shows in a row to complete his AKC Championship. He is now loved by Mamma Linda and Papa Scott in Oberlin, OH. He has been the chosen one for quite some time, just waiting on his title before moving into the best home a Cardigan boy could hope for. So now he and his Aunt Jilly will be running the Smith household and having a great time at the Camp in Michigan as well. He is one happy Cooper dog.

CH Dragonpatch Dandizette (Dandie)

Living the good life with the Roth family, Dandie finished her championship with three majors. Her favorite boy Peter, cheered on as she strutted around the show ring. A great little girl with a wonderful personality. Another Champion from the Jolie/Boomer repeat breeding. She will retire from the show ring and hopefully prepare for motherhood sometime in the future.

A Major win for Dandie, who is now a Champion. Pictured here with her Dragonpatch Mom who showed her beautifully.


Here is our Simon grandson. Jagger, Grand Champion Dragonpatch Rolling Stone. Only two and a half years old in this photo. Doing extremely well at the Regional Cardigan show in Oberlin, OH. A fun loving happy boy who’s favorite past time is chasing butterflies in the backyard.

Regional 2img_3597



CH. Dragonpatch Powers That Be


My little Sparker girl is a treasure. She finished so easily and won big like her famous mother Jolie at the regional specialty. Going BOS over a top-ranked Cardigan Bitch. She now lives with our son Seth in Middletown PA and is the office “Director of Moral Support”   A job she takes very seriously, well at least with those that bring treats.




Ch. Rocky Ridge Dragonpatch Go Your Own Way


This handsome fellow just adores Kathi and has great type and structure. Proving his excellent conformation to judges time and time again. We are proud to have him as part of the Dragonpatch legacy.



Now a Grand Champion.
angus 1
Angus winning his first Major at only 6 months old and his very first show.
angus 2
Angus winning his third major in four days under Corgi expert judge Bill Shelton

Introducing the history-making Cardigan at the Dragonpatch. We proudly introduce you to a true star at the Patch.       ANGUS, Grand Champion Dragonpatch Back In Black    This handsome young man did the impossible. At just 6 months a couple weeks old, he started his career the first week of showing by winning three out of four days for Major wins as Best of Winners. The following week at the Western Reserve Cardigan Specialty and support he won Best of Winners for two more major wins. This gave him five Majors and 18 points. Our little boy became a champion in two weeks. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Louis Champion
Louis Gaining his AKC Championship in only 10 shows.

When a pup leaves the patch as a show potential dog we can only hope that the coveted title of AKC Champion will be obtained. Louis waited a few years to enter the show ring, but under the expert handling skills of Kim, he finished in grand style. We are proud to introduce to you Champion Dragonpatch Fourth Order of Canters. Louis lives in Maryland with this bestest mom Audrey and has made us ever so proud.


Moses 1
Moses with his proud Momma, Barb


Not even eleven months old, this prodigy of Miles and Sparky proved to be a winning combination in the show ring. AKC Ch. Dragonpatch  Part the Waters of Vermillion,
“Moses” is an extremely handsome boy owned by Dragonpatch and Barb and Steve Peterson in Minnesota. His playmates are Wheaton Terriers but he’s all CARDIGAN in the show ring. Once this boy becomes a man, he will no doubt dominate the Specials ring.

Enya Group 1
Here is Enya at 1.6 years old winning her first group one at the big Cardigan supported show in Lorain County OH. Handled by Tracie Zietz. She also took BOS, AOM, and select bitch at this four day Cluster. This girl ROCKS



Introducing, trumpets please!!!!!!!!
Grand Champion Dragonpatch Amarantine” This gorgeous girl is out of Sparky and Miles. She is owned by Cindy & Vince Savioli and Scott & Linda Smith. Her call name is Enya, who is a famous Irish Popstar. The picture was her second outing and she earned both majors and to top it off won Best In Show for the puppy group and then best overall puppy for the weekend. She is being shown by a professional handler and Corgi lover Sherri Hurst of Huston Texas. Needless to say, we are very proud of her and are thrilled she is out for the world to see. This is one girl you are gonna see a lot of in the future. Can you say WESTMINISTER!!!!!!!!!



New Ch CarrieKathi of Dragonpatch South bred this lovely girl Carrie. Now Ch. Rocky Ridge Dragonpatch Sweet Caroline. Another Rock and Roll Cardigan legacy in the tradition of wonderful show dogs that have been produced by the Myers and Anthony team. We are proud to add her to the list of Champions and look forward to Carrie babies in the future.


One of the most fun dogs to ever come from the Dragonpatch. Glimmer,  CH Dragonpatch OMG is all about a good time. She LOVES to play BALL 24/7 and adores Deborah. She is the last of the Sparky/Miles breeding pup to finish.  Four in that litter became champions and two others most likely could have as well. It says a lot about the quality of the parents. You gotta love this girl.