Queenie, aka Dragonpatch Rocky Ridge We Will Rock You

Nicknamed, Binkie, LOVES LOVES LOVES to play ball. After a short show career, she lives in Venus PA with favorite mom and pop, Peg and John Sims. Full of life and energy, she is a regular on the cross county ski trail. Loves to be outdoors.  Queenie is a sweetheart once you get her tired out LOL! Check out her agility style. This girl will ROCK YOU!



queenie 5
Wintertime cuddle bug.





Paige is the daughter of Samantha. Hard to tell right? She is such a loving girl and lives with Jack and Barbara not too far from the Dragonpatch. She is their pride and joy and loves both of them so very much.

Now how cute is this!  Little Daisy graduating from puppy class. Rumor has it, she skipped middle school and went straight on to college, earning a degree in advanced ball playing, mom and dad chasing and couch lounging.  LOVE the tongue.

Look, down on the floor, its a bird, its a plane, NO its Jakester, fastest Cardi around

Jake isn’t loved by Elaine and Bob, he is ADORED. This handsome fella captures everyone’s heart with his athletic abilities and loving heart. He is the master “Jolly Egg” player and has taught Elaine canine obedience too. Notice we said he TAUGHT Elaine,  Jake already knew it, it just needed channeled. LOL!!!!!!

Jake 2

Bentley (RIP) showing off his wonderful tri-colors and always Diane’s constant companion. A happy Jersey cardigan. RIP

Dulcie and Morgan live with Gary and Theresa along with two other pups. (affectionately known as the Chinese Mafia)  ask Gary about that one. These two have it made and know it. They have G & T wrapped around their paws

Meggie and Dylan with teaching Deb and Phil about the ways of Corgis. Dylan usually wins and Meggie just stays for the love. Dylan is Wyn’s son and you can sure tell it. Both LOVE to play.

Dragonpatch Extra Stout, aka Guinness or lovingly referred to as Ralphie. If you knew this big fella you would understand. We miss this boy so much, but we know that Tom and Ember love him too and he is king of the household. There is more love in this boy than you can imagine.

Angus is a chip off the old Simon block. He has a lot of his father in him. Loves his Mamma forever and as you can see, he is quite an adventurer. Handsome doesn’t begin to describe him.

Evan was imported from New Zealand. He is the son of Milly and you can see the likeness. He now resides near Pittsburgh with the Reeder family and his a joy to them every day.

We got a call from North Carolina and that resulted in Sophie coming to the Dragonpatch. She was bred to superstar Boomer and the pups were awesome. Ramsay and Guinness just to name a couple. Sophie lives with Kathy and Tom and is the sweetheart of the household. You can’t get any sweeter than Sophie.

Only twice in the history of the Dragonpatch have we placed two pups in the same home. Linda and Stan were “UP” for the challenge and the results were wonderful. It was a tough road that they made work. Jasper and Darby are so cute and play together forever.  Got a love it.

Here is Gizmo who resides in Texas now. Son of Sophie and Boomer and adored by his owner and roomies a like. He has mastered the Dragonpatch sit too. Tons of love this boy and rather striking too, don’t you think!

Now comes another Sophie offspring. ZITI, as you can see, that corgi face is there to melt you and keep you coming back for more loving. Boomer has sired some wonderful babies, and Ziti is a good example of responsible owners.

Jilly and Ellie (RIP), are the resident Corgi girls at the Smith household in Oberlin Ohio. Adored doesn’t even begin to describe the love for these two by Scott and Linda. Daily antics and always a cute story.

 When you’re in the Niagara Falls, New York area, don’t be surprised to see this cutey doing her Corgi thing. Ginger and best buddy Emmett are loved by Berry family and bring vast amounts of love and joy to all they meet.

Roxanne lives with Megan and provides hours of entertainment. She was always full of life and ready for any adventure Megan was willing to try. Of course, a trip to the food store was her best.

Addy has been the wish of Daniel and his family for many years. She now lives in New Jersey and is the apple of the family’s eye. We predict great things from this outgoing little girl from Jolie and Boomer.


Daisy lives in Mass, with Susan Brennan and the family. She has a Pembroke buddy too. She is the daughter of Wyn, a fluffy girl who is just as cute as a button.

Dragonpatch Big Bad Buckaroo or as his Dad & Mom calls him Buckmeister, or the Buckster. This HANDSOME boy lives in Olean, NY with the Kayes family.

Introducing SHELDON. Shown here at about 7 months of age, he is the pride and joy of Ed and Christy Wadding. You just can’t help but love this big fella as he nothing but love and fun to all he meets.



Annie lives in Connecticut with her Labradoodle best friend. This sweet girl knows she the female of the house and loves letting her best friend know who is boss. Her colors are beautiful and Jolie/Boomer are proud of their little girl. I think we will see much more from this outgoing girl

Dragonpatch Would I lie To You
Dragonpatch Would I lie To You



What cute couple these two make
What cute couple these two make











Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees  JONNIE.    This adorable girl from Jolie/Boomer repeat breeding is living the good life in Biglerville PA.  IT appears she is at one with the outdoors. Her best buddy Chris the Cattle Dog and her rule the roost.   What pretty girl she is. Jeff and Kathy are so proud of her. We can see why.

Dragonpatch Game of Thrones   JONNIE
Dragonpatch Game of Thrones JONNIE

Hard to be any cuter than this sweet girl. She rules the Princeton Campus where her bestest mom gets to show her off regularly to the students.

Gwyn is beautiful blue girl that lives in the good life in New Jersey.
Gwyn is a beautiful blue girl that lives in the good life in New Jersey.
Objects in mirror
We think her nose is the object that the mirror is referring to. Sweet girl that she is.

Gywne 1