Rainbow Bridge (A tribute to those Dragonpatch pups that have crossed the bridge but never leave our hearts)

Mid November of 2019 saw the passing of a beautiful blue girl. Morgan was very dear to our hearts. She was the last survivor of a great litter of 5 blue girls. Born nearly 16 and half years ago, she lived a long and loving life. A retired show dog and wanted a home to just be loved and pampered. One could not ask for anything better than life with Gary and Thresa in Hopewell Junc. NY. She and her BFF Dulcie played and played. Making the family laugh and appreciate all that Corgis have to offer. Her sweet temperament and loving ways made it easy for all to love her. She is dearly missed and we can only hope that her and Dulcie have once again united across the bridge.

Morgan pup




Gywn has been the love of Nancy in NJ for nearly 16 wonderous years. Cute just doesn’t even begin to describe this sweet blue girl. She lived and rich and glorious life and now gets to spread the love on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. If these pics make your heart ache just a little, you now understand how sad one can be with the passing of such a wonderful companion.


PD or “Puppy Dog” was always Case’s true name. Those that loved him called him with respect. Mr. PD. What a handsome fella and dearly loved by Tom and Ember until the day he left. RIP big fella.

Haley – sadly missed by the Weber family.

Claymore – sadly missed by Tom and Ember.

Dondi – the Dragonpatch house dog.


Wendy, the beach bum who captured the heart of Tom and Kathy. Little Wendy Lu Who was her nickname. She would melt your heart.Wendy

Spencer may be the only Sable dog produced at the Dragonpatch. Owned and adored by the Weber family in Erie PA, he lived a long and happy life. Dearly missed by friends and family

Audrey was truly Seth’s dog. She followed him to bed each evening and wouldn’t come out until he was asleep. Seth’s first real job was the local Burger King, and he loved his Pudge very much. Given his line of work and Audrey’s love of BK food, her nickname of PUDGE was an easy one.

Orrie was the first Blue Merle to reside at the Dragonpatch. As a young man, he moved to New York state with his favorite person VICKI, whom he loved and adored for many years. No one was as important to Orrie as Vicki was.

Flash left his best friend Alan in New Jersey far to early. Here he is with a little friend. He was an awesome pup.

On Memorial Day 2012, this handsome fella decided it was time to cross the bridge and be with his special dad. Although he left Diane behind, she loved this boy with all her heart and will forever remember the wonderful times she shared with this dear little boy. Rest In Peace Bentley.

Yet another Dragonpatch pup made her way to the other side today. Clementine was loved by the Harvey family in Ohio and after 9 years of fun and adventure, Clem succumbs to kidney failure. We all say a prayer for her. God Bless you Clem

Pretty Little Clementine


Deborah and ever faithful Simon, the King of the Dragonpatch.  He will never be forgotten by those that knew him.


At the end of March in 2013, we lost our “Boo Dog”  She would hide in the closet or under the bed and thump her tail if called out for her. Like a kid saying “BOO” when hiding. Xena was Ch. Dragonpatch Warrior Princess and made us soooooooooooo proud over the years. But the best was her time with the Rosen Family who loved and adored this pretty girl and always treated her like the princess she was. We think we can hear her tail thumping now from across the bridge. Silly Boo Dog, we’re coming soon enough!

Dragonpatch Benny and the Jets
Dragonpatch Benny and the Jets

Jean Daniels and her family had the pleasure of loving dear Benny for nearly 15 years. A handsome red boy who stole her heart more than once. Her grandson adored this boy and will not be soon forgotten. It saddens us to see these elder statesmen passing, but with the help of the healing hand, we can be consoled in knowing that the Rainbow Bridge will forever keep them in our hearts.

SWEET ELLIE,   enjoying a well deserved rest in the car.
SWEET ELLIE, enjoying a well-deserved rest in the car.

CH Dragonpatch Poetry In Motion   (Ellie)

Beautiful Miss Ellie left us on March 14th, 2014. She was the first Cardigan our very good friends Scott and Linda Smith owned and cherished. The day we met Linda we knew her heart was full of love for Ellie. They have been the very best of friends and confidants for many years. Ellie was an AKC Champion and was the mother of a litter of gorgeous pups. Some of them became Champions as well. But her true role in life was being the Corgi Queen of the Smith household. We doubt anyone will ever be able to fill those empty royal slippers. A pretty brindle girl whose eyes would sparkle when you cheered for her in the show ring. She will be sadly missed, gone but never forgotten.    Bye Bye Ellie Bean, keep the boys inline on that rainbow bridge.

They just don't come any sweeter than Samantha. God Bless her
They just don’t come any sweeter than Samantha. God Bless her

Ch Dragonpatch Black Magic (Samantha)

This girl was all lady. Refined and dignified yet loving and sweet. Producing champion puppies for us while maintaining her role as a true Dragonpatch dog. She lived the good life with her best friend Carol and her departure left a deep hole in the hearts of those that knew her. Content to cuddle on the couch with you or venture on a long nature walk, this girl had eyes that could melt the toughest heart. Dearly loved and forever missed, this lady of the Dragonpatch was a special dog to many of us. Sweet Dreams Samantha, we will all see again on the Rainbow Bridge.

Bama Rainbow Bridge
To date, dear Bama lived longer than any other Dragonpatch Pup. Passing at the ripe at of 18. No doubt due to the deep love and affection his family had for him.


For 18 years this handsome blue boy known as Dragonpatch Blue Sky of Bama was loving adored by John & Geraldine in Patchogue, New York. Named for the state they loved, Alabama.  He was an important part of their lives and brought them much love. Truly an amazing boy that proved how love can make the world seem just a little better. Sadly he is gone no but will live forever in the hearts of the Dragonpatch. Roll on BAMA, Roll on.


CH Gywndon of Dragonpatch
CH Gwyndon of Dragonpatch

Nearly 14 years ago we were so excited about an upcoming litter of blue puppies.  Momma Xena struggled hard and we were blessed with two blue boys.  One died at birth, something we still have a hard time dealing with, the other was strong and oh so handsome. This was our first experience with a singleton puppy.  It was truly an adventure.  Wyn was always about him.  He was good looking an knew it.  Girls found him attractive. He finished his championship easy and was a quality stud dog too.  Morgan at the Horan house is a fine example and best friend Dulcie was a girlfriend of Wyn.

He and Simon, on the other hand, weren’t too happy about another boy in the house.  The decision to find him a forever home found us.  Dear friend Carol Farrell fell in love with this little imp.  She fawned over Wyn and gave him a life we could only dream of.  He had it good and knew it.

Sadly Wyn crossed the bridge to once again bark at his old girlfriend Samantha.    He was a stunning boy.  Farewell, my little blue boy now you can lick the face of God.  He likes Cardis too.

Lick in Peace Wyn

Dragonpatch is missing you



Awstin was a stunning handsome boy
Awstin was  stunning
What an absolutely handsome boy
Awstin, “Dragonpatch Prince of Peace”
Sandie and Awstin waiting for Dad to come home
Sandie and Awstin waiting for Dad to come home








Awstin was a handsome red boy that lived with Brian and Danielle in one of the most loving homes we know. Awstin was famous for his love of licking Brian’s toes.  A special member of the family who made their house a home with his silly ways.  Photos say it all, you can see the love in his eyes. He will be sadly missed but no doubt never forgotten. If only all of us could have been loved as much as Awstin was.

Emmett lived a great life with Caroline and Jim Berry in Niagara Falls NY. A touching letter from them stated, “from day one, Emmett was a perfect fit and thereafter he gave us much more than we ever expected, Who knew Emmett could swim until he jumped into the Canal and paddled away, We acquired Ginger as a friendly dog to keep Emmett on his toes. They bonded immediately and she never stopped keeping him as active as possible. We mourn the loss but celebrate the time and memories spent with our Emmett. Thank you Dragonpatch for giving us such “Magical Corgis”.


DARBY, DARBY, DARBY  DOO. momma sure loves you.

DarbyStan and Linda adored and cherished this little girl so much. The loved her with all their hearts and went above and beyond to make a good life for her. Darby loved them intensely in return and an empty spot will forever remain in their hearts with the loss of this sweet little girl. We will forever remember Darby Doo.




Here is Roxanne, a sweet lovable girl that captured the heart of Megan. Megan was kind of enough to provide us with these wonderful photos. She said, As you can imagine, most of the pictures I have of her were captured when she was asleep.  While awake, she rarely sat long enough for me to take a proper non-blurry photo.

I adore the first image because it is a fabulous moment when I was able to capture a direct image of her sweet face — her freckles, those fabulous ears, and her dark, soulful eyes.

The second image always makes me smile!  She was always far happier with a “lovey” at her side.  This particular toy was given to her by my brother.  He adored Roxie as much as I did and still do.  He loved to spoil her with affection, gifts, and treats. ❤️. “Chewie” was a Christmas gift.

Looking at images of her has been wonderfully therapeutic.  I have laughed and cried as I have scrolled through the photos and remembered the magical memories that accompanied them.

Thank you for sharing such a special girl with me.  My life was truly blessed during our ten years together.



Dragonpatch Big Bad Buckaroo

Buck was one handsome fella. His name says he was big and bad, but in reality, he was a sweetheart. His best friend was Rosie his female counterpart. As you can see from his photo, Buck was well loved and cared for by Jim and Lisa Kayes. How could anyone resist that Corgi look? It is so sad that this fella left his family so soon. The heartbreak will last for a long time over Buck’s passing. We are so proud of how wonderful he turned out and how much Jim and Lisa adored him. His papa Simon will be glad to greet him on the Rainbow Bridge and show him the good life.   Rest in Peace Dear Buckaroo.

Sweet Little Dulcie PUP


It was over 15 years ago that the beautiful Ms. Ellie finally allowed the handsome Mr. Zorro to woe her. A woman of high standards, only the very best for her and Zorro was an outstanding man of her dreams, at least for that fleeting moment. This lovely mating produced a very special girl. There among the varying shades of brindle was this lovely little tri girl. A special gift from the Corgi Gods. Her name was chosen for her simple beauty and ever so sweet nature. Sweet little Dulcie Pup was a Dragonpatch girl that everyone knew. When growing up in the dog show world, this sweet girl was a little shy and had the sweetest eyes.

We fondly remember the big Cardigan show in Oberlin Oh when as a baby, her tummy became so upset from the bait we used that she would take a few steps and have to relieve herself. The judge was the granddaughter of the woman that brought Cardigans to the United States and thought that she was a very nice example of the breed. She was in the running for Winners Bitch, a prestigious win under an esteemed judge. The crowd cheered when she’d start moving again, and supported her when she’d have to stop. Her nickname was Dulcie YEA! because as she starts up again the crowd shouted it out. It was a very heartfelt moment.

Time passed and later on at that same show, we were now judges, Sweet Little Dulcie pup was carrying a litter of pups of her own and decided that the wee hours of the night in the RV at this show would be a perfect place to have Dad help her bring new life to the Dragonpatch. Yes, she gave birth in the RV and never missed a best. What a great mom she was and fussed every so much over her babies. She loved to chase them about the yard.

Her best friend since the very early years was Morgan, one of six blue girls that blessed the Dragonpatch from Ellie’s sister Auntie Samantha. The two loved each other so. When Morgan left to live with Gary and Theresa, her heart was a little heavy. Theresa always had a soft spot for Dulcie and asked if she might come to live in Hopewell Junction with her BFF Morgan.

Needless to say, they were inseparable. Her job, other than to bark at Gary on a regular basis, was to chase her second most favorite thing (the ball). Her first most favorite thing is Theresa. Pretty sure Gary was like, third or fourth, lol.

Dulcie, as always so full of life. Just like her parents, the end came quickly. Two weeks ago she was making snow angels, then the Rainbow bridge decided it was her turn to make the crossing to reunite with momma and poppa.

We dedicate this day to Sweet Little Dulcie Pup and hope you all have fond memories of her and all the other Dragonpatch kids that have blessed our households with love and laughter.

If you listen very closely at the Horan house, I am sure you will her Dulcie barking at Gary. She once told me that he needs a lot of direction and barking at him was her way of reminding him that GIRLS RULE. Good girl Dulc, keep chasing those balls and let Dragonpatch heaven know that Dulcie is in the house!


LOVE YOU Sweet Little Dulcie Pup


Those Milly eyes would always capture your heart

For more than 15 years sweet Milly would make you smile. A soft and gentle soul in her old age, she bonded with those that loved her most. A special thanks to Scott and Linda Smith for providing the very best care imaginable for our special grand old girl. She loved going to their cabin in Michigan and romping with her daughter Jilly amongst the trees and flowers. Faithful to the end and always ready with a kiss to her family and friends. We will miss that special “woof” and little jump that accompanied it. A special girl has left a huge hole in the Dragonpatch. Dear sweet Milly, we all loved you. My gosh, what you have done for the Dragonpatch will never be forgotten.

Love you, Milly,



Cracker passing
How can you not love that face! Cracker was full of life and always the hit of the party. A true champion dog and adored by all who knew him.

Luann traveled to the Cardigan National to big up her new bouncing baby boy. The cutest little pup you’d ever laid eyes on. He adored his momma and papa with his happy ways. The eggy was his favorite toy and he would play play play with that darn thing. A great show dog and know by many around the Country for his conformation, but mostly because he was a silly fun dog. Miss you butt crack.tori 1

Tori. She was a gift of love given to us by Kathi Myers. She entrusted Tori to us, and we loved her beyond measure. As Kathi once said, “There are no words”. We are heartbroken for our loss and for all of those who loved her.

What else can we say? She was a wonderful girl, mother, companion and very patient with her adopted brother, Rudy. Rudy will be 13 next month and is blind. Tori was his protector and guide for the last couple of years.

Love your Corgis and all of your pets because they are only on loan to us until they are called “home”.

Hope she is waiting for us somewhere.

A heartbroken Fran and Ralph Wilson

Arrow 2010
This handsome fella in NC was a pure joy to the family

We lived with Arrow in NH for a time and moved to NC in 2005, and he has been the perfect family pet.

Now that the children had moved out we moved to a smaller home in January 2018 and although it was a big change for all of us Arrow adjusted well; he now had a larger fenced yard to roam in, and we were close enough that we kept the same vet, where he frequently boarded while Greg and I had weekends away. They all loved him and got a lot of laughs about how much he loved to chase tennis balls, and how fast those little legs would take him.

He was such a sweet spirited dog, and as you’ll see from the photos he always did continue to be a “toy boy”, loving his stuffed animals. Whenever anyone would come to the house, he’d run to get a toy, fully expecting that the visitor had come especially to play with him. Yeah, he shed like crazy, but what’s a corgi for, anyway?

Linda Tarsa